Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Confessions of a Gluten free blogger

Hi Lovelies,

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on my blog. But today I felt compelled to do so. Nonetheless about my personal health related problems. As you may or may have not read a few post below I was diagnosed with gastritis a few months ago and changed my diet which was composed of mostly fruits and vegetables. This holistic approach healed my stomach and aided me in weight loss which I was able to maintain for several months. However, once the holidays came around I started dabbling in “past” binging and eating habits. Because of this I gained 12 pounds and got a really bad acne/rash all over my face. At first I thought the acne/rash was from a new moisturizer I was using and when I switched that and it didn’t go away I was stunned. I began to eat more fruits and vegetables as I was doing in the past and was even more surprised when my acne/rash didn’t get any better. In the mornings I was eating oatmeal and at lunch ramen noodle soups. My face just kept getting worse and worse. My body was also swollen and bloated even though I was only eating half of what I was used to. My acne/rash began to get bigger, hurt (burning sensation) and get itchy. I was desperate, so I did some research on food, digestion and acne/rash before getting medical advice.  What I found out is that if you have problems digesting gluten and you consume it your body will have an allergic reaction in different ways, one of them being this acne/rash that I was having.
After this I tested out this theory for my acne/rash and went gluten free for a week, which meant no cake, no bread and definitely no oatmeal. I was pleasantly and surprisingly stunned. After the 5 day my face started clearing up. Can you imagine the shock I felt when I discovered that I had celiac disease and could not eat anything with gluten in it and that I was able to self-diagnose this myself through a little research and testing? I was like “what?!” “No way!” Not because I love eating bread but because I do love a nice warm bowl of gluten filled oatmeal in the morning or the occasional slice of cake. I am no longer able to dabble in these treats even thought I know there are gluten-free alternatives out there.  I will say it did feel good to know that I was in harmony with my body and able to help myself.

Now some of you might say how can you self-diagnose yourself and declare that you have celiac disease without getting a professional medical opinion? You’re not a Doctor! To that I say here is how: first of all I know my body and pay attention to it. When something doesn’t feel right I start researching and investigating until I find out exactly what it is. I will give you two examples. First example: When I had gallbladder stones I had a chronic pain on the right side of my mid-lower abdomen. It was usually right after eating greasy food. I would also get nauseas and a bunch of other symptoms that were associated with this. When I could no longer take the pain I went to the Doctor (who wanted to waste my time getting blood test and labs etc.) and I had to tell him that I believed that I had gallbladder stones. I was so aggressive about it that they finally did a CAT scan and did in fact find and diagnose me with gallbladder stones and my gallbladder was removed a few weeks later.  Second example was when I had gastritis. I was also able to diagnosis this before getting a professional medical confirmation. I researched all the symptoms and when I finally went to get checked they confirmed what I had already self-diagnosed.

 Please do not get me wrong I believe in going to the Doctor and getting yourself checked out and properly treated. What I am saying is that if we really wanted to we can diagnose our symptoms with the right research (I like a more holistic approach) and then have a Doctor confirm or not confirm our diagnoses. I believe I helped my Doctors and myself out because I took out the guess work for them. I was a prepared and educated patient and that my friend saved me a lot of time (and money) running test and labs trying to figure out what was wrong with me.  Besides I only get one body. I feel it is my duty to take care of it as best as I possibly can and that includes personal medical research.

Back to my self-diagnoses, again I was still shocked that I had celiac disease and that my body was responding beautifully to being gluten free. I of course had to re-test the theory (I can be a little stubborn) and so the following week I ate eat some gluten filled cookies, small portions of bread, cereal and oatmeal. I quickly discovered that after a few hours of eating these things 1. I had ridiculous stomach pain 2. I was nauseous, bloated and 3. My acne/rash started coming back!

I have now been officially gluten free for about 6 weeks and my face has cleared up completely. The rash has gone away and my skin is even staring to glow again! I no longer have these horrible stomach pangs or feel bloated after I eat.  For more information on Celiac disease please visit their website  or speak with your Doctor.

Thanks for reading and being part of my life journey.

Be blessed and inspired,