Wednesday, October 29, 2014


It seems that when I most feel broken and down that’s when God makes me reflect on who he is and his power. There are so many tragedy’s going on in the world today. More and more each day I see how when we don’t have JESUS we self-destruct and not only OURSELVES but we DESTROY OTHERS. When we hurt our human natured tendency is to make others feel the same pain we feel. How many precious souls have we destroyed? how many people around us are hurting? Is it your neighbor, your co-worker, that person sitting or standing next to you on the train, is it the car next to you at the stop light, is it you? The closer you get to God the more you are healed. The further away the more self-destruct. John 10:10 is truer than ever – The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly. What are you letting the thief steal, kill and destroy that is yours???? Why are you letting the enemy destroy you, your family, your friends, your talent? Will you fight back or are you going to stand there and let him take what’s rightfully yours???

Why do you run from the one that wants to help you win this “raging war” within yourself and those around you? Why do we run from Jesus?

So many people are seeking “spirituality” through different means: yoga, Buddha, the universal but they never look in the one true place that their souls are thirsting for…in JESUS. He is the way the truth and the life! Yet we continue to run from him, run from his love, run from his guidance, run from his healing, run from his salvation. Why do we run from HIM that wants nothing more than to love, heal and give us life? Why do we go after other gods instead of the one true almighty GOD? We can spend a lifetime searching for another alternative to “fill us up”  and give us “peace” inside and never find it unless it’s through HIM. Open your eyes and heart! Salvation, healing, love, faith and hope are waiting for you in Jesus. It’s time to let go of all the pain and come to him....Oh how he loves us. <3