Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Looks of The Day (Wednesday)

Happy Wednesday! Today’s look is about using simple pieces and re-working them into different ensembles. Pay attention to their accessories. A small addition to a simple skirt like a flattering belt or chunky necklace can change the feel of an entire outfit. Let’s take a look.

Neutral Skirt/Shorts


On the left, we see the neutral skirt paired with a floral peasant shirt and skinny brown leather tie belt. She adds flavor to her style by mixing in black knee-high stockings and a cute slouchy handbag. To the right we have another simple neutral. This time shorts paired with a crisp white button shirt. What makes this look stand out is the red chunky bubbles layered necklace and ribbon belt. Her camel colored booties complete this simple & chic style. Work it ladies!

Floral Skirt


Same concept different look. On the right we have this grungy rockish feel worked into a floral skirt. What makes this piece work is the touch of gray (sweater and gloves). It adds a hint of softness to the hard leather jacket and blends nicely with the skirt. The camel colored handbag make this outfit pop. To the left we have this nice color combo of a camel sweater with a camel belt and camel shoes. This works well because it makes the soft spots of camel on her floral skirt burst out instead of blending in. The vintage style owl necklace completes her well put together ensemble.


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