Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Looks of The Day (Tuesday) - Wedding Special

Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone is enjoying their day so far. In anticipation of an upcoming wedding I am attending, today we are going to look at wedding guest attire. First, let's go over 4 quick & simple rules.  The number one rule is never wear white - this is the bride’s day (Don’t steal her thunder!). Number two never wear jeans no matter how “casual” the wedding. Rule number three never wear sneakers or dirty work boots, there are just so many other alternatives, i.e. flats, embellished sandals etc. Rule number four remember it is a wedding not a nightclub. Wearing skimpy outfits to a wedding is always a bad idea, besides you can look sexy/sophisticated without over exposing yourself. Today’s Looks of the Day is called: “Wedding Stunner” Below are four wedding "types"and what to wear depending on the event. They all range from Super Glamorous to Sophisticated Casual.

Luxury Wedding – usually very formal and high end. Long gowns are the best wardrobe choice for this type of wedding. However, if you decide to go shorter make sure the dress is at least mid length.

Traditional Weddingthis kind of wedding is conventional, you can wear shorter more form fitting dresses.

Destination (Beach) Wedding  - Think soft, long & flowy. Wear vibrant colors if possible, flat sandals are acceptable to this type of wedding.

Backyard Wedding think casual chic. This is usually a very small intimate event with close friends & family. Wear long to mid-length floral or print dresses.

As always, would love to hear your thoughts, Xoxo!


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