Friday, August 16, 2013

Vintage Tones

Vintage Tones

There was a big meeting at the office the other day and I knew that I was going to be moving around a lot. Therefore I wanted to wear something that was sophisticated yet had movement. I was quickly drawn to this red & white polka dot skirt because of its A-Line form (without being too flared) and flowy texture. Since I had just gotten back from vacation and was still “bloated” I wanted to wear a shirt that was fitted yet flattered my mid-section. This white cotton peplum top did just the trick. The front ruching and stitching detail worked wonders for me.
Once paired together it had a 1950’s vintage feel and was very flattering. I added red kitten heels just to keep the look simple and classy.

What’s your favorite vintage look?


Be Blessed and Inspired,

Ruthy, Xxx’s

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